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Majesty Yachts

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15 Şubat 2024 - 6:50

Majesty Yachts

Majesty Yachts: Redefining Luxury

For nearly forty years, Majesty Yachts has been dedicated to building one of the world’s largest shipyards and building custom yachts to the highest standards. The vertically integrated construction methodology offers superior quality, craftsmanship and customization with the attractive advantage of on-time delivery. At its Dubai location, it employs more than 1,500 professional designers, expert engineers and skilled craftsmen.

Every Majesty Yacht is unique. The company offers owners the opportunity to choose from a variety of carefully selected options for each model.

Thanks to internal control and a large dedicated production team, Majesty Yachts can deliver a customized yacht to the USA in a year or less. They produce almost every component in-house, except for motors and electronics.

The company’s philosophy is to create a line of yachts of superior quality, timeless design and supreme luxury. It offers many features such as spacious interior volume, large deck areas, large indoor/outdoor fly bridges, extendable balconies, water sports garages and beach clubs. Spacious lounges and uninterrupted walls of windows create a feeling of openness in the interiors, which has become a signature feature of Majesty Yachts.

Majesty Yachts achieves superior quality in yacht design and construction processes through a high level of expertise and process control. The superior strength of the grafted composite structure and sandwich construction process provides a stronger strength-to-weight ratio than steel and solid laminate. They can also build any international classification of customer desires.

Majesty Yachts’ proven hull designs and construction methodology make the brand true oceangoing, trans-oceanic global explorers. Moreover, it complies with leading charter specifications and international class standards.

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